Endless design possibilities and exclusive customization make PROarchidex a more haute couture, a truly exclusive brand designed specifically for everyone.

Planner made with meticulous attention for the details and designed for a demanding clientele that can appreciate each model’s large range of customizability

- Planner Design in Colors

Request access to the Reserved Area dedicated to Interior professionals and download the files to realise your projects with our products. Planner design in colors https://prohome.online/de/planner


-  3D Konfigurator

We are at the service of those who know how to put their soul into our products, emphasizing them with the right project.

Whether it's a small apartment, a villa or a simple room to furnish, in this section you will find all the resources you need to help you develop it.


- HD Render Online 

Model that is produced according to a predetermined design. Depending on the project we offer, the building can be partially or completely furnished.​

- BIM/PIM Datas

- Panorama 360 Degree Rendering